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Trench shoring SAFETY SYSTEMS rent at TWF  

Sicherheit 1

│  Safety guardrail 
Absturzsicherung Safety Guardrail

      The TWF Aluminium Adjustable Clamping Guardrails
      provides sites with much needed physical barricades
      to prevent workers falling into.

    Bwith adjustable clamping foot
    available in lengths: 3,0 m, 3,5 m, 4,0 m
    modular in design and construction
    easy storage and stacking on site
      and whilst in transport

│  Mesh Barriers 1000 mm 
Zaunelement 1m

      The TWF Mesh Barriers are an ideal product solution for construction
      sites requiring practical solutions to manage the risks of injury to
      personnel from dropped objects when working
      within open ground excavations.

    mesh panels: 1m x 1m
    low weight: 9 kg
    robust in construction
    fast assembly

│  Shoring Platform with safety swing gate  

      The TWF Shoring Platform and Telescopic Walkway
      provides multiple users with a safe means of access
      and egress to and from the ground excavation and
      allowing users a safe 3-points of contact at all times.

    non slip grid mesh floor construction
   self closing gate
   built-in ladder support bracket

│  Fall Arrest post Kit  
Einstieg Sicherung

      The Fall Arrest Post Kit that is designed to slot into
      either side of the Shoring Platform. 9 m inertia reel..

consists of:
    Sfall arrest post
    inertia reel 9 m

│  Rescue davit kit  

      The TWF Rescue davit kit is designed to be mounted on trench
      shoring (steel and aluminium) panels and provides users with a
      safe means of extraction of personnel out of trenches and ground

    overload fall indicator
    adjustable off set reach
    effective working length: 24 m


pdf iconTWF- Trench shoring safety systems  
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