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Piling and Drilling

TWF Piling and Drilling

We specialize in the global sale and rental of piling and drilling machinery.

Besides our core services we offer an extensive package of additional services. These include technical consultation, in-house design of customer-specific solutions, logistics, spare parts offerings and customer service.

abi bauer ice dieseko group
Trench shoring systems

TWF Trench Shoring Systems       

In addition we sell and lease  trench shoring systems as well as excavation-specific solutions, Trench Sheets, Sheet Piles and
anchoring equipment.

Our trench shoring systems are produced
in the TWF plant in Heinsberg, Germany.

We are a certified company!   "Quality made in Germany"

certificate Trench shoring systems         

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Trench sheets Sheet piles

TWF Trench Struts

In our offering you will find the right strut for every trench shoring sector.

  • GIGANT with hook-type angle
  • TITAN with bearing angle
  • TERRA with claw plate and nail hole

ischebeck gigant

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inspection plate

TWF Used Machinery and Trench Shoring Systems

TWF is a reliable partner with respect to used machinery and equipment as well as used trench shoring systems.

Prior to sale all machines will be checked and tested on our premises according to the manufacturer's instructions. (§11 AM-VO)

Here  you will find an overview of our used machines and devices with detailed information, technical specifications and photos.

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TWF Baumaschinentechnik GmbH
1230 Wien  |  Klingerstrasse 8
T: +43 1 865 33 33  |  F: +43 1 865 33 33 - 33ARA Logo

TWF PILING and DRILLING - Range of Services

TWF Baumaschinentechnik
Piling and driling
Add-on vibrators
Add-on auger-drives
Crane suspended vibrators
Rotary drilling rigs
ABI Add-on vibrators
ABI Add-on auger-drives
ICE Crane suspended vibrators
ABI Mobilram
BAUER Rotary drilling rigs
Rental Piling and driling
Rental Add-on vibrators
Rental Crane suspended vibrators
Rental Add-on auger-drives
Rental Misch-Pumpstationen
Rental ABI Mobilram
Rental Rotary drilling rigs
Piling and driling - used
Add-on vibrators - used
Add-on auger-drives - used
Crane suspended vibrators - used
Mix-pump-stations - used
ABI Mobilram - used
Rotary drilling rigs - used


TWF Trench shoring systems
Special foundation construction
Shoring elements
Trench shoring
Slide rail shoring
Trench soring systems
Light weight shoring
Single slide rail shoring
Double slide rail shoring Standard
Double slide rail shoring XL
Pile chamber
Shaft and manhole shoring
Aluminium Light weight shoring
Rolled stell sections
Sheet piles
Trench sheets
Light-weight profiles
Trench struts
Hydraulic tube pullers
Pipe grabs
Rental Shoring systems
Rental Trench Shoring systems
Rental Slide rail shoring
Buy Shoring systems
Buy Trench Shoring systems
Buy Slide rail shoring
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